The Government is the single largest buyer of a variety of goods. With a view to increase the share of purchases from the small-scale sector, the Government Stores Purchase Programme was launched in 1955-56. NSIC registers Micro & small Enterprises (MSEs) under Single Point Registration scheme (SPRS) for participation in Government Purchases. The registered units are extended various facilities so as to promote their participation, and consequently enhance the share in Government purchases.

The rationale of this Scheme is to avoid multiplicity of registration with various Government agencies and to ensure that the units registered with NSIC are considered at par with those registered directly with the purchasing agency.

Benefits of NSIC Registration

The units registered under Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS) of NSIC are eligible to get the following benefits under “Public Procurement Policy for Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs):

  • Total Exemption from Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) in government bids.

{Earnest Money Deposit or EMD is the money taken from a bidder as the security deposit before any bid, in order to assure his seriousness in the deal.

             However, if a bidder has NSIC registration in the Single Point Registration Scheme, he will exempt from paying the EMD during a government bid.}

  • Government Tender Sets are issued to the eligible MSEs absolutely free of cost.
  • Under the SPRS scheme, 358 categories of goods have been earmarked by the government for purchase from the Small scale units only.
  • As per this scheme, the Government has also earmarked a minimum limit of 25% of the total annual purchases of Goods & services by Union Ministries, Departments, and PSUs from MSEs only.
  • Out of this 25% limit, 4% of supplies are reserved for purchase from the units owned by the SC/STs. Besides, 3% is reserved for purchase from women enterprises.
  • During participation in a Government tender, MSES that have quoted in the least level price band of L1+15% can also supply up to 25% of the total requirement of goods.
  • Here, the L1 purchasers shall be the medium or large scale units.




Following units are eligible for getting NSIC registration in SPRS:

  • All Micro & Small Enterprises having EM Part-II (Optional)/ Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) are eligible for registration with NSIC under its Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS).
  • Eligible enterprises should possess commercial and technical advancement to provide services for supply to various Government departments that include defence, railways, PSUs, and central and state government departments.
  • Micro & Small Enterprises who have already commenced their commercial production but not completed one year of existence. The Provisional Registration Certificate can be issued to such Micro & Small Enterprises under Single Point Registration scheme with monitory limit of Rs. 5.00 Lacs which shall be valid for the period of one year only from the date of issue after levying the registration fee and obtaining the requisite documents.

Application Form and Registration

  • Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) shall have to apply either online on our website or on the prescribed application form with required documents in Duplicate and to be submitted to the concerned Zonal/Branch Office of NSIC located nearest to the unit.
  • Duplicate copy of the G.P. Registration Application Form submitted by the Micro & Small Enterprise will be forwarded to the concerned Inspecting agency along with copies of required documents and requisite Proof of inspection charges remitted in favour of concerned Inspection Agency requesting for carrying out the Technical Inspection of Micro & Small Enterprise and forward their recommendations in this regard.
  • After receiving Inspection Report, NSIC will issue the SPRS Registration Certificate to Micro & Small Enterprise for items/stores as recommended.

Documents to be attached

  1. Applicants should ensure enclosing the following documents in duplicate (duly self-attested)
  • Declaration of having made entry in MSME Data Bank
  • Self-attested copy of PAN, Udyog Adhaar Memorandum (UAM) No. {Entrepreneur’s Memorandum (EM) Part-II (optional)}
  • Proof of ownership of Plant & Machinery/Equipment & Tools and Raw Material showing date/year of purchase & Original Purchase value (NOT DEPRECIATED) of individual machinery (Annexure ‘B’).
  • Performance Statement as per Performa Annexure-F of the application.
  • Self-attested copy of ownership documents of the premises or copy of lease deed.
  • Certificate from the Proprietor/Partner/Directors whether or not they have any link with large scale Unit(s).
  1. Following documents/statements duly signed by the authorized person may be furnished:-
  • List of technical personnel employed in production and services.
  • Write-up on quality control measurement adopted by the firm for ensuring quality of raw material brought out item for assembly and sub-assembly and in process and finished products quality control.
  • List of quality control equipment and testing facility available in factory.
  • Copy of type test report from Independent lab, where applicable as mentioned in relevant standard.
  • Latest Electricity Bill Copy.
  • Audited Balance Sheet, Trading Account and Profit & Loss Account for the last 3 years duly signed by the authorized person under his seal.
  • Statement showing the Results of Operation for the last 3 years duly signed by authorized person under his seal (Annexure ‘C’).
  • Bankers’ Report giving details of financial status of the applicant firm as per Performa.
  • Copy of Permanent Account No. (PAN No.)
  • Documentary Proof of the Status of the Firm:
  • Additional Documents to be Submitted In Case of Partnership Concern.
  • General Power of Attorney in favor of one of the Partners duly notarized.
  • Partnership Deed duly notarized.
  • Form ‘A’ from Registrar of Firms showing the names of the partners.
  • Additional Documents to be Submitted In Case of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Copy of incorporation document – LLP Agreement (Form-3)
  • Names of partners and changes, if any-Copy of Form 4
  • The location of the main or registered offices of the LLP, details of all the partners, statements etc.- Copy of Form FiLLiP
  • The Statement of Account & Solvency is in Form – 8 signed by the designated partners.
  • Annual Return – Form 11 which is filed with the Registrar annually.
  • General Power of Attorney in favour of one of the designated partners.
  • Additional Documents to be Submitted In Case of Limited Companies.
  • Certificate of Incorporation duly authenticated.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association duly authenticated.
  • Names of sitting Directors, their addresses and share & holdings.
  • Board Resolution in favour of the Signatory of the application and documents.
  • Additional Documents to be Submitted In Case of Cooperative Societies.
  • Certificate of Registration of Societies.
  • Society’s Bye-Laws/Regulations etc.
  • Names of Members, their addresses and share-holding.
  • Current Certificate from Registrar of Societies that the Society is still functioning and its working is satisfactory.
  • Details of authorized share capital and subscribed share capital.
  • Details of movable as well as immovable property owned by the Society.
  • Resolution of Society for seeking registration under Government Purchase Program.
  • Resolution in favour of Signatory of the application & documents.
  1. Additional Documents for Paints & Varnish Supplies to Railways

The firm manufacturing Paints shall approach to the General Manager, Integral Coach Factory. Perambur, Chennai for paints for Coaching Stock and the Director General, Research Design & Standards Organization, Alam Bagh, Lucknow for Paints for Wagon/bridges and other applications for registration as approved suppliers for supply of Paints to Railways, after the units have been registered with NSIC for general supplies.

  1. Other Information
  • Declaration signed by the applicant MSE Unit accepting conditions of registration as per Annexure D.
  • List of raw materials and finished goods in stock.
  • Copy of BIS license, if applicable.
  • Copy of ISO 9000 (Optional).
  • Copy of Registration Certificate if registered with any other Govt. Organizations.
  • List of places where after sales service facilities (if applicable) are available.

Registration Fee

The registration Fee is based on the Net Sales Turnover as per latest audited Balance Sheet of the Micro & Small Enterprise for the Registration, Renewal and any other amendment etc. The Fee structure is indicated in the table as below:

S. No.CategoryFee
        I.Fee for Fresh Registration of Micro & Small Enterprises:

(a) Turnover up-to Rs. 100 lakh







(b) Turnover exceeding Rs. 100 lakh



a) Turnover up-to Rs. 100 lakh:

ü  For Micro Enterprises: Rs. 3000/-

ü  For Small Enterprises : Rs. 5000/-


b) Turnover exceeding Rs. 100 lakh

ü  For Micro Enterprises: Rs. 3000/- plus Rs. 1500/- for every additional turnover of Rs. 100 Lakh

ü   For Small Enterprises : Rs. 5000/- plus Rs. 2000/- for every additional turnover of Rs. 100 Lakh


With cap of Rs. 1 lac for all categories

     II.a) Fee for issuance of amendments in stores (Qualitative & Quantity); Fee for issuance of change in monetary limit or any other amendment in the certificate, and


b) Fee for issuance of Renewal of G.P. Registration (Every Two Years)


50% of the charges proposed at I above for Micro and Small Enterprises respectively with a cap of Rs. 50,000/-


a) Micro & Small Enterprises owned by the SC/ST (Definition of SC/ST MSE and eligibility for benefits under NSSH has been explained in Circular No. SIC/HO/NSSH/Scheme/2016-17 dated 09.09.2016)











b) MSEs other than SC/ST located in the entire North Eastern Region

a) As per approved scheme of National SC/ST Hub (Circular no. SIC/HO/NSSH/Schemes/08/

2018-19 dated 09.05.2018) in NSIC, the SC/ST units shall be eligible for upfront 100% subsidy on the fee of NSIC for fresh registration/ renewal/

Amendments/competency certificate and also the inspection fees of the empanelled Inspection Agencies/ NSIC including applicable taxes. Under SSPRS, nominal fee of Rs. 100 per unit during this F.Y. 2018-19 and further continuation of the same shall be subject to review.


b)The units located in North Eastern Region other than SC/ST will be given 20% concession in fee (no change in the fee for Technical Inspections of MSEs)


Note: The Registration Fee as mentioned in the table above is exclusive of the Inspection charges as levied by the inspecting agency. Such charges as decided by the Inspecting Agency are borne by the unit.

Validity of NSIC Registration in SPRS

The NSIC Registration Certificate under Single Point Registration Scheme is valid for 2 Years. It will be reviewed and renewed every 2 years after a thorough verification of continuous Commercial and Technical Competence (CTC) of the registered MSEs.